Basic Adjustments Before Turning From Me To We

Getting Married? Life is full of adjustments and the same applies to marriage. Here are some small adjustments aka marriage psychology that you need to fully understand before the big day: 

  • Living life together - Enjoying life together is the basic rule of marriage whether it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage. Accepting each other as they are is the secret of a successful marriage rather than trying to change your partner to suit your conditions. This attitude will lessen many problems in married life. 
  • Compassionate Communication – Effective and compassionate communication is the key to any successful relationship and marriage is no different. You will have to understand that it is no more your thoughts and your decisions. Lack of communication can lead to a lot of marriage problems, say experts in marriage psychology.
  • Share Quality Time - Spending time with each other can not only strengthen the relationship, but also helps develop a growing interest in one another!
  • Complementing Each Other - No one can read your mind unless you express your feelings. Complimenting each other when you mean it, can nurture the love between the couple so they can be more of best friends than just a mechanical couple conjoined in marriage.
  • Being Selfless - Putting your partner’s needs before yours can help in having a healthy marriage life. Learning to keep a balance between the needs of each other is one of the secrets behind a healthy married life.

These small adjustments are quite necessary owing to different personalities coming from different families coming together. By following these you can avoid any marriage problems and lead a transparent and happy life together!


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