5 Great Ways To Make Your Engagement Ceremony Memorable

The engagement ceremony is the start of the preparation for the D-day. It is also an event to announce that a couple has committed to get married by exchanging trendy engagement rings. To make this special day more memorable here are a few ways. 

Choose an interesting venue: Instead of choosing the same old venues for your special day choose a location that is different. If weather permits opt for an outdoor setting like a garden or a place with nature around. A beach or poolside is also a great place. 

Choose a theme: An innovative theme for decorating the venue is fun as well as memorable. One can choose a colour-oriented theme or a Bollywood theme. Mix and match all the engagement preparation elements like the stage setting, choice and arrangement of chairs, gifts, etc. as per the chosen theme. 

Bring the engagement ring in style: Use your creativity and come up with new ideas to bring the engagement ring on a grandly decorated tray or a cushion, etc. 

Make it a musical affair: Arrange for a DJ or a musician to play some good musical numbers so that everyone can dance and have a good time. 

Memorable engagement gifts: On every special occasion, a return gift is given to say thank you to the guests. Based on your budget you can gift silverware, god idols, hand-made gifts, chocolates, etc. 

Getting engaged is a special period in your life which is an anticipation of your future together and celebration of love. It is a period that you will not have again and hence essential to make it unique and memorable.


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