Décor Ideas Inspired by Celebrity Weddings

Whoever said never judge a book by its cover, meant it only for books and not weddings! Let us tell you, the décor of a wedding is everything. Wedding decoration is the most noticeable attraction that sets the mood of the auspicious day. Whatever the theme, it accentuates the chosen venue with class and elegance, making it suitable for the occasion. Take the example of every celebrity wedding story you have followed and you’ll know what we are talking about. If anything, each wedding in the last decade was a showcase of beauty, grace, elegance and love - all reflecting the beautiful celeb couple’s glowing moments.

Inspired much for your own wedding décor? In case you are wondering how to plan a luxury wedding with different décor ideas, scroll down!
The Pastel Themed Fairy Tale Wedding
Hands down, this décor idea has to be one of the most romantic out of the lot. Thanks to the Virat-Anushka wedding, this theme has been trending like anything. The destination wedding was held in Italy with a picturesque backdrop, but it was the décor that stole our hearts. Unlike the usual wedding colours, they chose subtle and elegant colours like lavender, powder blue and delicate pink as the base colours.  

The mandap was a deconstructed four-post shell that had a floral canopy and select textiles wrapped on the four posts. Adding to the fairytale-like wedding was the use of glass lanterns and white candles that hung from the ceiling. They also used a line of fairy lights above the mandap invoking the right amount of magic! This created the most romantic backdrop for the couple. The entire setting was inspired by an overgrown garden representing abundance, prosperity and growth - the secret to any successful marriage!

Who thought signboards were only for the roads? The highlight of the celebrity Shahid- Mira wedding were the cute, catchy, romantic signboards that had arrows pointing in directions of all that’s important. First, the couples name, date of wedding, arrows pointing where to place your shoes, where the vows will take place and a double-edged arrow stating ‘Love is everywhere!’. Make this board quirky by hand painting it in vibrant colours. Place them at spots that help usher the guests in!

Floral Curtains
This is one décor that doesn’t die at all! Whether it was Neha Dhupia’s mehendi ceremony or Shahid-Mira’s wedding, a nice floral carpet as a backdrop hanging from the ceiling is a show stopper.

PomPom umbrellas
You read that right. Imagine crisp white and wide umbrellas with colourful super-sized pom poms attached inside? Not only does it immediately uplift interiors but is a perfect prop for photo shoots too! Ask Mohit Marwah - Antara Motiwala! Their majestic pre-wedding photoshoots feature Mohit holding onto an opaque umbrella with a burst of colour underneath posing next to his lady love.

Framed Chandeliers
We cannot get over this look! Celeb Saina Nehwal & Kashyap’s wedding reception décor had large white square frames with classy chandeliers inside hanging from the ceiling on stage. They chose a purple/deep lavender curtain as a backdrop making the entire look so divine! The plush white seating added to the grandeur look and gave us major elegant wedding décor goals.

Celebrities have always gone all out when they celebrate a wedding in the family. It is no surprise to see that they have inspired several wedding trends in the wedding industry. Get inspired and create your own very dreamy wedding decor!


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