Choose The Right Caterer For Your Special Day

A wedding feast is often the focal point of the discussion at a wedding. Apart from the couple themselves, the next favourite point of discussion is- the food. Hence, a caterer has to be definite in the wedding planning checklist. Here are some tips that can help you choose the right caterer for the big day.

Personal Interest
The caterer should not just have the ability to cook good food, but also take a personal interest in understanding the bride and groom's families and the type of guests. A clear understanding of the theme and the budget limitations should be set so that the menu planning can be done accordingly.

Flexible Menu 
Most of the families today want to serve a wide array of various cuisines. Therefore, a caterer who sticks to one type of cuisine only might not be the right choice. The menu must be flexible so that the bride and groom's side can mix and match from a variety of options to delight their guests.

Sample Tasting
The catering company should have the option for decision-makers to attend a sample tasting where they can sample the food to be prepared for your big day. A sample tasting could take place at an event they are already catering to after taking permission from the hosts.

Capability to Cater to Large Crowds
Weddings are crowded events. Families and friends attend the event at any cost as it is an important milestone for the family. The caterer should have prior experience of handling large crowds and at times unexpected numbers too. This way even if the food looks like it might run out, they should be able to arrange for alternatives without further delay.

The wedding feast is the most part of an Indian Wedding. Therefore, choosing the right caterer is one of the most important tasks so that guests leave on a happy note and with a satisfied tummy!


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